Lesser known tricks of spoofing extensions

It is a well-known fact that malware using social engineering tricks is designed to hide itself from being an obvious executable. Malicious attachments are sent with specially crafted icons that are pretending to be real document files. In addition to this, they often use double extensions, such as “.pdf.exe” or “.doc.exe”, taking advantage of the […]

Running Macros via ActiveX Controls

A couple of month ago I encountered a malicious macro Word document and after analysing it, it was found to be using a new vector to execute the macro. I’m not sure if this method had ever been used before but it was using macros with an embedded ActiveX control object in the document. Most […]


Researchers and scientists use data visualizations to better understand data and communicate results. Good visualizations can provide insight into a dataset that might otherwise be overlooked. In this post, we’ll go through the process of creating graphic insight from an abstract dataset by building an actual data visualization step-by-step. First: The Data To build this visualization, we start […]

How to Build a 404 page not found C2

A C2, or command-and-control, is used by attackers to control compromised systems. Most of these C2s are in control of large botnets, yet some are simply used by an attacker to have access to a system so they can pivot to another device or to steal credentials and gain “legitimate” access to the system. I […]


俗话说,“大图找得好,甲方改稿少”,在设计中,除开文案,图片也是我们所展示内容的一部分,图片一方面需要引导用户完成任务,一方面需要为用户提供足够的信息资源。所以,设计过程中我们所找到的图片至关重要。 这篇文章呢旨在与大家分享一些各快捷找图的网站,以及解决找图过程中因为版权问题而无法下载图片的方法。 正文开始专用分割栏 再提醒一遍,没有花钱的非版权图不要商用,还有一定要好好整理收藏夹,好好刷图,好好整理图库,It will help you (严肃脸)。另外,如果你恨一个人,让他去做设计师吧(笑)。 以下是文中提到过的网站,顺便安利一个非常好用的导航网站:http://hao.uisdc.com/。(就不一个一个超链接了,大家可以全选地址,右击可以打开对应网站) 标签类:1.创意类:视觉ME-http://shijue.me/community/rating 2.物件类:Jay Mantri-http://jaymantri.com/ 3.现代生活:Raumrot-http://raumrot.com/ 4.太空类:http://peek.space/ 5.职场类:http://startupstockphotos.com/。 6.女生、古风:堆糖-http://www.duitang.com/,优美网-ttp://www.topit.me/。 7.奇幻类:幻觉网-http://illusion.scene360.com/ 8.简约类:Pubilc domain-http://publicdomainarchive.com/ 9.老照片:New Old Stock-http://nos.twnsnd.co/ 10.食物类:Foodies-https://foodiesfeed.com/ 推荐:1.Unsplash   https://unsplash.com/collections 2.Wallhaven  https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/  3.Pexels  https://www.pexels.com/    4.Flickr  http://www.flickr.com/ 备用图库:http://wallpaperswide.com/ 可选尺寸,种类齐全,背景,推荐 https://500px.com/popular 适合首页,背景,右侧有分类,推荐,付费 http://foter.com/ 照片库 https://www.pinterest.com/  主流之一 要注册 和花瓣一样瀑布式  不推荐 http://openphoto.net/  不推荐,用户体验差 http://negativespace.co/ 摄影类,每周加新图,免费无版权 http://mmtstock.com/category/clouds/ 背景图 右侧分类 无颜色分类 图片一般 cc0 风格简洁 可用 http://www.yestone.com/ […]

ICIT Report: Know Your Enemies 2.0

Every device and network attached to the IoT possesses, within itself, a universe of vulnerabilities. Each vulnerability enables the adversary, whether they be state, hacktivist or mercenary hackers, the technological capability to disrupt networks, exfiltrate sensitive data and wreak havoc on organizations of all sizes. Our adversaries stem from an endless stream of agendas and […]

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